Azpen 65 Inch Interactive Display

Model: A65

Product features

1. System:

* Equipped with Android 12 intelligent operating system and unique UI design;

* 4-core 64-bit high-performance CPU, A73x4 architecture, maximum support 1.5GHz clock;

* High-performance image processing engine: image motion compensation, color enhancement processing, etc.


2. Appearance:

* Simple and fashionable design, with touch output, HD input and USB input design in front, convenient operation;

* High-precision infrared touch frame, touch accuracy up to ±2mm touch height 3.0mm, support 20 touch, high sensitivity;

* The front USB interface supports Android and PC sharing;

* With OPS computer interface, can be expanded into android and computer dual system;


3. Whiteboard:

* Whiteboard handwriting ultra HD resolution, touch diameter minimum 2mm

* Support single point, multi-point writing, pen writing, picture insertion, add page, gesture erasing, zoom in and out, undo and restore, scan code sharing;

* Any interface of any channel can be annotated and saved;

* The white board selection function is rich, can move, zoom in and out, copy, change color, etc.

* Explosion-proof tempered glass, Mohs grade 7 hardness, safety assurance, optional AG anti-glare glass to make writing experience better;


4. Intelligent operation:

* One-click open and close android and PC dual system;

* Automatic recognition of external input signal source, easy and convenient screen switching;

* Left and right function navigation bar, convenient and quick operation of common functions;


5. Conference and business functions:

* Built-in WPS, welcome interface, multi-screen interaction, remote conference and other efficient meeting software;

* Built-in 2.4GHz / 5 GHz dual WiFi network card, supporting WiFi Internet access and WiFi hotspots at the same time;

* Multi-screen interaction, support multi-channel on the same screen, mirror and reverse control operation, remote photography, video, music, document sharing, picture capture, wireless remote control and other functions;

* Customize boot screen, theme and background, support automatic classification of local media player;

* Pull the function bar on the left and right side, the gesture call mode and touch control switch can be switched freely, so that the conference machine can be turned into an advertising display machine or other commercial display products;



  • Screen Size: 65”
  • Back Light: D-LED
  • LCD: 3840 x 2160 Resolution Display, 4K UHD
  • Tempered Glass: Anti-Glare Glass, Infrared touch
  • Luminance: 350cd/m²
  • Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
  • Response time: 6ms
  • Visual angle: 178°(H) / 178°(V)
  • Lifetime: 30,000 Hours
  • CPU+GPU: A53 Quad Core + Mali G51MP
  • RAM: 4GB, Storage: 32GB
  • System: Android 12 OS
  • Audio: 10W (8Ω)* 2
  • Camera: 13MP, 3840x2160 4K UHD
  • Microphone: Built in Microphone Array
  • Ports:
  • VGA IN: 1
  • PC-AUDIO IN: 1
  • RJ45 IN: 1
  • Earphone OUT: 1
  • RF-IN: 1
  • HDMI: 3
  • USB2.0: 3
  • Power input: 1
  • Shipping Dimensions: 65 x 8.5 x 41 Inch
  • Shipping Weight: 110 Lbs.
  • UPC: 859592006026