How to succeed while remote learning or remote working

How to succeed while remote learning or remote working

  • Brennan Tanksley

How to succeed while remote learning or remote working

Even before the current pandemic, remote learning and work had seen a significant increase in popularity over the past couple of years.  Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to connect virtually for lectures, meetings, and even events. Although technology seems to have no problem adapting to the changing global landscape of remote life, we as humans, sometimes, do. To help you navigate this growing part of life, we’ve decided to list out a few tips and tricks that help keep us trekking through this new digital work front.

  1. Create a set office space within your home.

This space doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant or include a lot of fancy tech and gadgets. In fact, we find the kitchen table to be perfectly suitable for most common work related tasks. The important thing when choosing a dedicated work station is that you stick with it. While a change of scenery may be nice every now and then, we’ve found that having a specific place to go to and work helps inforce a sense of routine and grounding.

By simply setting a side one area of your home for work and sticking to it, you’ll help condition yourself into knowing that when at your work area, it is time to work.

  1. Start and follow a routine.

This one naturally follows the previous tip and expands on it. By creating a simple but daily routine you can help start to create a more structured environment to work from, like that of an office. Following a routine not only helps in providing structure to what could otherwise be a chaotic day, but can also help in accomplishing goals. Having a set schedule helps instill a sense of urgency and can lead to more efficient and productive work.

A set schedule or routine can help you in creating and meeting self-imposed deadlines, leading to more productivity overall.

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

This may be the last tip but it is by far the most important. These are strange and stressful times and it’s important to recognize that change is hard for most people, and if you’re finding it particularly hard to adjust to this new “normal”, that is okay. You are not alone, tons of people are still trying to adjust and the only thing any of us can really do is be patient with ourselves as travel through these uncharted lands.

It’s important to remember that any new experience in life comes with its own set of hurdles and challenges, and remote working/schooling is no exception. It can be especially hard considering almost none of us asked for this new working reality it was simply thrown on us. Keeping that in mind, it is okay if some days are less productive than others, if some weeks are harder to get through than most, or if some tasks seem more impossible than ever before. Just remember that you are not alone and there are millions of people around the World facing the same challenges and experiencing the same frustration’s as you.

Keep up the good Work,

The Azpen Team

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