The Pros and Cons of buying a Tablet for Your Child

The Pros and Cons of buying a Tablet for Your Child

  • Brennan Tanksley

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                We live in a tech centric world and at one time or another every parent will be pressured by their little one to purchase a tablet or laptop for them. With the wide spread introduction of remote work and learning in 2020 technology has become an even bigger part of all of our lives. That being said, today’s post looks to break down some of the Pros and Cons of buying a tablet for your child.

Let start with the Pros:

  1. A tablet will help familiarize your child with technology.

                Technology is an ever growing field and offers thousands of job opportunities every single year. From placing your order at unmanned kiosks in fast food restaurants to self-checkouts at grocery stores, the impact that technology has on our everyday life appears to be growing exponentially and doesn’t look to be slowing down or reversing course. It has become apparent that just to navigate through everyday life we must hold a basic understanding of how various devices work and function.

                I am a strong believer that introducing your child to technology at a young age can have a huge beneficial impact on their development. For this reason buying you’re a child a tablet of their own could potentially help them familiarize them with an aspect of life that appears to be growing in importance. A tablet designed specifically for children is a perfect way to allow your child to become more comfortable with a device that can be found in almost all aspects of modern life.

  1. Dedicated Kids Tablets have Parental Controls.

                This one is really important and touches on the previous point. Technology is a very important aspect of life and is becoming more influential in the way that we do things. Almost any answer, product, or piece of content imagined can be found on the internet. It’s this abundance of information and resources that make the internet a great but also intimidating place.

                It’s understandable that most, if not all parents, don’t want their children wandering aimlessly through the vastness of the web. Luckily, most tablets designed specifically for children come with strict parental controls and safety features ensuring that children are only allowed to access a hand curated list of apps and websites, chosen specifically by their parents.

  1. A Large Collection of Modern Educational Apps.

                The current app market is a billion dollar industry and offers a huge amount of applications that do just about anything a person could think of. There are literally thousands of applications out there dedicated to teaching children any number of skills from reading and writing to problem solving and math, the amount of various educational applications is truly mind boggling.

                Using a tablet and the Apple App Store or Google Play Store parents can download an endless amount of games and apps to keep their children engaged, learning, and entertained. As mentioned earlier a tablet built specifically for children will more than likely feature parental controls ensuring that only applications approved by a parent can be downloaded on to the device, ensuring that kids will have to play the games and apps that you choose for them.

Let’s now get into the Cons:

  1. Buying your child a tablet could lead to increased time in front of a screen.

                Screen time has become a huge hot button topic over the last few years, and should be. With the growing presence of technology in all of our lives some of us have started to wonder, is it actually healthy to be spending so much time in front of our devices. There have been a fair amount of studies that detail some of the negative effects of too much time absorbed in our electronics, especially around bed time.

                 For this reason alone many parents might shy away from purchasing a tablet for their child, and who would blame them; kids should be out playing the backyard or creating worlds with their imaginations. That being said, as mentioned earlier, most modern day tablets allow parents to closely monitor how much screen time their child is allowed to have.

  1. Multiple children and one tablet can lead to a headache.

                Everyone knows that sharing is a skill rarely found in little children. Any parent with a child who is fond of using their parent’s phone for entertainment in a “boring” situation knows the, sometimes inevitable, tantrum that ensues when they are asked to relinquish the device. Knowing that, I would advise that any parent with multiple little ones be ready for the inevitable brawls that might breakout when arguing over whose turn it is with the tablet. These types of tantrums are not exclusive to tablets though and can be caused by any number of objects.

Closing thoughts:

                If you’ve decided that the Pros of purchasing a tablet for your child outweigh the potential Cons then Azpen has a few options that you might like.


  1. The Wonder Tablet for Kids (2020 version) – Azpens wonder tablet comes with parental controls and a features a fun protective case built-in to its design, making it very durable and reliable. Only $69.99

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  1. A780 7 Inch Android Tablet - This 7 Inch tablet is perfect for little hands and made of a durable plastic with a screen protector already included, so parents don’t have to worry about the occasional drop or scratch. This tablet does not have built in Parental Controls but there are plenty of Apps available on the Google Play Store which can help parents keep an eye on what their children are allowed and not allowed to do on the tablet. On Sale NOW for $ 47.99

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