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Google Assistant built-in •  Fast Wireless Charger  •  Bluetooth Speaker •  Dock • 4 in 1 Hub

DockAll Assist G600 is a stylish Qi Wireless Charging Station integrated with the Google Assistant built-in. The G600 includes a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker system that provides premium sound through Dual-Channel 5 Watt Speakers and also serves as a voice-activated speaker for hands-free assistance from Google Assistant.

It also includes a full size USB charging port, a MicroSD slot, Far Field Microphones, Front Panel Controls, Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G/N, and Fast 10W Qi wireless charging, tested to charge through most of the toughest smartphone cases including OtterBox Defender (will not charge through metal)

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Product Overview

DockAll Assist isn't just a charging station. Equipped with Wi-Fi and 2- far field microphones, the DockAll Assist with the Google Assistant built-in connects to your home's Wi-Fi network and allows you to intuitively play music, check the weather and traffic, control other "works with" Google Assistant connected devices, plugs, thermostats, and more…just say “Hey Google”.

With its Fast 10W Qi wireless charging technology, The DockAll Assist charges compatitble phones wirelessly as it sits upright on the docking station. Designed with Tri-Coil Technology that allows for horizontal and vertical charging. Tested to charge through most third party smartphone cases and works with the latest Qi enabled smartphones from Samsung, Apple and LG.

Enhance your Music and Video streaming experience while listening to the two built-in speakers when connected to a Bluetooth or through Wi-Fi when connected to Google Assistant. The Micro SD Card port also provides another source for listening to your music files.

A stylish design with a unique upright viewing, capable of charging two devices at the same time; one wirelessly and one through the USB port.


· Fast Qi Wireless Technology- 10 Watt charging with three vertical coils. (Qi Certified)

· Full Size USB Charging Port - 2 AMP’s

· Micro SD Card Slot- supports cards up to 64GB (card not included).

· Speakers - 2 x 5 Watt

· Buttons - Capacitive Touch

· Power Supply-12V DC power adapter (5’ft.) included

· Google Assistant integration

· LED function indicator light

· Bluetooth 4.0 NFC

· Wi-Fi 2.4Gh 802.11 B/G/N

· 2 Far-Field Microphone array

· Front Panel control

· Slip Resistant Strips

· On/Off Button

· Download the free Google Home App to access the music player and features.

· Google Assistant requires a Google account and the Google Home App. Download the Google Home apps free on Google Play Store or Apple App Store


· DockAll Assist G600

· Power Adapter

· User Manual

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