Dockall – The Docking Station Re-Invented


DockAll is an All-In-One Docking Station for Smartphones and Tablets that Promises to Reinvent the Docking Station

If most people are like us, then they have cords and adaptors all over the house and office to keep all of their fancy technology charged. You might have an adaptor in one AC outlet with your phone plugged to it, then another adaptor plugged in for your tablet. Then you have your Bluetooth speaker system plugged into another wall and even a few more plugs to charge a kids tablet and a portable speakerphone for conference calls.
DockAll, the revolutionary all-one-dock station for smartphones and tablets that is reinventing what a docking station should be.  A wireless, wired and HI-FI Bluetooth sound system all built in a sleek good looking package.
In the “Age of Wireless” homes and offices are increasingly cluttered with more and more wires to keep personal devices powered and functioning. An adapter for the phone, another for the tablet, one for the Bluetooth speaker system, another for conference calls, and it’s easy to see how the wires begin to add up and take space in homes and offices.  Azpen has created the DockAll as the solution to all of the above with an incredible design that truly embraces the definition of wireless.

Qi Wireless charging built-in
Wired charging built-in
(MicroUSB Plug & Lightning Adaptor)
4.0 Bluetooth HIFI Speaker System
Two HIFI Speakers
Dual reflex ports in back
LED Light/Lamp
Support phones & tablets up to 13"
Phone and music controls
Built-in Speakerphone
Two USB jacks in back
For additional charging use
MicroSD card slot in back
For direct playback of music

Azpen DockAll D-100

Azpen DockAll D-100



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