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           Latest in Android technology

Azpen tablet brings you the latest in Android technology, giving you the performance you want at an affordable price. Azpen tablet comes pre-installed with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It’s the fastest and most up to date Android operating system. Performance is better than ever, and more responsive to your commands for games, videos, and multiple tasks.



Amazing Graphics and HD Images

The crystal clear 10 point capacitive touchscreen is great for watching movies, play games, reading books, surfing the web, video conferencing online and more.Azpen tablet features class leading anti-aliasing capabilities for optimal image quality that takes advantage of the bright view HD display.




Dual Cameras- Front& Rear Cameras

Azpen Tablet features two cameras. Use the front-facing web cam for video conversations with friends, family, or business associates. The rear camera offers a 3MP high performance lens to catch life’s precious moments.



Strong Wi-Fi Signal

A good stable Wi-Fi Signal sometime mean every thing for you.  Azpen tablet using hi-tech Wi-Fi technology to provide the best Wi-Fi signal.








It more than a tablet, it also your music player.

You can use your laptop to download music to your SD card than insert to your tablet. Make your favorite music list and play it anywhere you go.


 A dual-core processor means that its operating system has the freedom to manage multi-tasks in parallel. Dual core 1.6 Ghz will bring you better using expressing on gaming, movies and apps,  It is a  better multitasking ability.







Blio – eBook Store


Blio Ebook Store pre-installed in all Azpen tablets. Reading new material has never been made so easy with thousands of the most popular books and magazines. Blio is a feature-rich eReading application that allows users to go beyond the written word. Now they can experience books through the eyes of the author, with crystal clear sound and images that come alive in brilliant color. In Blio, books are more than just words and pictures. They're pathways to new and exciting ways of learning, living and doing. That's more than amazing.


8GB Storage and 32GB Expansion Slot

8GB of internal storage are at your disposal for all of your movies, videos, photos, e-Book files, and more. As a power user, should you require additional storage, simply insert an optional Micro SD card (up to 32GB) into the card slot.



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