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Dual Boot Tablet PC

Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium OS offers the best productivity and entertainment experience. Windows 7 is designed to improve the performance, so it is faster, more secure, and more reliable.

Android 2.2

Android OS is a bonus on this X86 platform tablet. Some Android applications might not working perfect in this platform.

Office Starter (X1P version only)

Word, Excel are pre-installed, It ¡s ready to create files.

X1P & X1 in Business

Dual Boot Operating System Supports more Business Software. Install business applications easily and free yourself from a traditional desk. Perfect for sales, travel, meeting presentations and more.

X1P & X1 in Entertainment

This tablet is X86 platform, it is more powerful than regular Android(ARM) tablet. Watch movies, see pictures, play games faster in both Windows and Android OS.

Skype with Your Family or Conference Call

2.0 MP Front Webcam, two Buid-in Speakers, and HD audio make video calls easier. Talking, smiling, and laughing you will enjoy your time.

2 USB 2.0 Port

USB port gives you more expandable choices.

Insert flash drivers to transfer data as convenient as your PC.

Easily Connect a keyboard, a mouse and a printer if needed.

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