Are you wanting to become a Retailer or Wholesaler for Azpen?

Azpen currently has brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers across the country. With our unique reseller and retailer programs, we can customize a partnership that allows our clients to sell the latest state-of-the-art tablets and home automation and maximize profits per customer.

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A variety of tablets from A-Z

Tablets from 7

Tablets from 7" to 13"

With a wide range and shapes to choose from, Azpen gives you more options for your money than most all other tablet manufactures.
Dual-Quad-OctaCore Processors

Core Processors

We build tablets with the processing power that the customer needs at or below their budget.
Additional Featureswithout Additional Costs

Additional Features
without Additional Costs

Azpen believes in value for the customer. We add many features that other tablet manufacturer can't while still staying value priced.
Beautiful HD Displays

Beautiful HD Displays

From IPS HD Screens to Mini HDMI Outputs, the display quality is more important than ever. Stream movies till your heart is content.
Top Quality Processors

Top Quality Processors

From Intel to ARM Cortex to ALLWINNER Tech, we build with the best, fastest and most reliable processors in the world.
Stream Netflix All Day

Stream Netflix All Day

With the battery power, processing power and HDMI output, we allow you to connect straight to your TV to Stream what you want to watch!

Need a customized TABLET for your industry?

Azpen provides software and hardware customization, branding and packaging customization, pre-sales, post-sales, technical and customer service support, forward and reverse logistic services, and the option of a variety of warranty programs to meet the clients requirements.

Industries such as Education, Healthcare, Technology, Industrial and Government are just a few of the verticals that Azpen can create customized equipment and software for their specialized needs.

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Azpen Values

Here at Azpen, customers are our priority. We design internal processes and company cultures towards this core value.
Innovative. Intelligent. Affordable.